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With Thatclass, coaches and trainers can effortlessly organize their schedules, ensuring seamless coordination between classes, attendance, and traineeds. Gone are the days of tangled calendars and missed sessions; Thatclass simplifies scheduling complexities, providing clarity and efficiency in managing training sessions.

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Coaching Domains on Thatclass

Thatclass introduces a dedicated dashboard for parents and students, offering transparent insights into student's performance and attendance.

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Introducing "Thatclass" – your premier online platform designed with coaches and trainers in mind, tailored to streamline the management of class schedules, staff coordination, fee payments, and student attendance. Thatclass emerges as the comprehensive solution for educators across diverse fields, empowering them to focus on what they do best – inspiring and educating.

For parents invested in their child's education, Thatclass introduces a dedicated dashboard, offering transparent insights into their ward's performance. From attendance records to academic achievements, parents can stay informed and engaged, actively participating in their child's educational journey.


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You need to fill correct information to get the benefit of using this platform. Coached need to add information about their business to get listed on ThatClass platform.

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3. Working Schedule

Login to your parent or student dashboard and enroll ypour kids to various coures. You can enrol for your own training also.

Pay online fee, monitor coaching shedules

Monitor your ward's attendance and progress


Jerome Jensen

“ Through secure and intuitive payment gateways, trainees can conveniently settle their fees, eliminating administrative hassles and ensuring a seamless financial experience for both trainers and students ”


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Best for class schedule management

Best for attendance Management

Best for sending notifications

Best to monitor your ward's progress

Best Online Teaching Assistant for Classes

Best to search for good coaches


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