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Welcome to “Science with Humour”, this website aims to provide its users with information related to concepts of science in an amusing way. Along with this, this platform enables users to post their ideas that explain science subjects with fun. The terms “our”, “we”, and “us” solely refer to the “Science of Humour” website and its services, while the term “you” refers to the users who visit this site or contribute to this platform by providing the content.

By using this website you ensure to accept the modifications of terms of use and by accessing or using this platform you agree to abide by the Agreement. Therefore, users need to make sure to read the Agreement carefully and users are requested to not use this website for any purpose if they do not accept all these terms and conditions.

We further research all the rights to:

Use of this website

  1. All the information provided by the users on this website is correct, accurate, true and complete and may be viewed by the individuals who use this platform and shall not be considered proprietary or confidential.
  2. If you registered on the "Science with Humour" website, you will need to protect your account details and you shall be held responsible for use of your account by other users or for posting content on this website.

Prohibited Activities

The information and content provided by the users on this website (including but not limited to data, text, information, sound, code, photos, videos, graphics, music and other data) are considered to be proprietary to us. You further agree not to reproduce, copy, distribute, display, or transmit services or information obtained through or by this website.

In addition, you agree not to use this website:

Content Standards

The content uploaded on this website must be related to education that will assist users to acquire knowledge. We follow particular content standards that ensure that the content does not aim to defame any person, promote violence, gender discrimination, or biasness related to religion, disability, age or nationality. Furthermore, the content should not promote any unethical activity or that harass, or embarrass any other person.

Suspension and Termination

We shall determine whether there has been a breach with respect to the use of terms and conditions through users of our website. When a breach of our terms and conditions has occurred, we might take strict action. Actions that we might take include as follows:


We do not make any warranties, representations or provide any undertakings regarding our website content (including, without restriction, the currency, timeliness, completeness or accuracy for any specific purpose). You agree to use the information available on our website at your sole discretion and risk.

Our liability

We do not guarantee that information, processes, or functions associated with our website will be offered error free or uninterruptedly. However, certain defects on our website will be handled by our team and we further ensure that our website or server that provides information is free of bugs or viruses.

Hacking, Viruses and other offences

You must not use our website unethically by introducing Trojans, logic bombs, worms, viruses or other malicious content intentionally or unintentionally. Along with this, users (“you”) should not make attempts to acquire access to our website, computers or server (that stores our confidential information) in an unauthorized way. Users must not perform any kind of attacks such as distributed denial-of-service attacks or denial of service attacks.

In case a user-breach this provision, then it would be considered that a criminal offence has been committed by that individual under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. We will report such activity to the law enforcement agencies and will reveal your identity to them and we will cease your right to use our website immediately.

Modifications at our website

We reserve the right to make alterations in any section of the website or even in the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice as well. Any modifications shall come into effect the next time users access this website. Due to this reason, users are requested to check this legal notice at regular intervals of time to cope with the changes made to this website.

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